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BACSAC 50 Litre Round Pot


BACSAC 50 Litre Round Plant Pot
Perfect size for a medium sized tree, shrub, hedge or native grass
100% Recyclable
Bacsac products are made from Batyline - a breathable, permeable, multi-layered fabric which maintains the necessary balance between air, soil and water.  The fabric is tear and UV-resistant and can withstand temperatures from -30°C to 70°C
Inside the pot there is a combination of 3 layers of absorbent felt which protects the roots, limits evaporation and helps distribute water
These pots are incredibly light and flexible and are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. They can be folded away when not in use.  They can sit flush on irregular ground once filled with soil
Please note: Geotextile fabric only has one layer of absorbent felt and has a shorter life-span than the Batyline