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Brasilian Wooden Beach Bats


The iconic and original product of Frescobol Carioca which embodies the true spirit and style of Rio de Janeiro. Frescobol is the Brasilian name for the sport played along the beaches of Brasil since the 1940s
These beautiful bats are individually handmade in Brasil from a variety of high quality wooden off cuts collected from a furniture factory.  As a result, each bat is entirely unique, made from different types of woods of different colours. The bats are hand sculpted and come with a neoprene grip, heat branded logo and a resin coating which protects them from the sun, sea and sand . Each set of bats comes with a cover and 2 rubber balls
Available in pairs: Pink and Blue, Green and Yellow or Orange and Black
The perfect wedding or birthday gift for any outdoor and beach enthusiasts
Tip: When playing, begin by standing close together before you get your hand at it! Be prepared for a great workout and a potential addiction!!