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Copper Wine Coasters


Set of 2 solid copper wine coasters

Created by hand by 5 hot-blooded Jacob Bromwell® workers in Vermont, USA!  A Jacob Bromwell® product is an investment for life

These are the ultimate wine coasters! Banish unsightly rings from your table or bar top with these hand-spun Napa Valley Wine Coasters. These special copper coasters add a touch of class, while the insulating properties will help keep your wine cold a little longer, making these doubly cool. Packaged as a Set of 2, they're ready to be used or even to give as a gift to your favourite host. They'll certainly be appreciated, and your favourite furniture, tables, and countertops will thank you

Cork bottoms to prevent surfaces from being scratched

Copper is resistant to corrosion and will never rust. If left untreated, the copper finish will naturally oxidise and age beautifully. You can polish it up to restore its shiny finish, or let it earn a beautiful patina

Either way, these coasters will look great on virtually any countertop or surface