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Funston Baggie by Wildebeest – Navy


Based in San Francisco, CA, Wildebeest specialises in the creation of new and original products inspired by the first hand experience of being a pet owner. The company spends a great deal of time researching, developing, testing and refining different material properties to ensure that not only are their products functional and pleasing to the eye, but also eco-friendly.

Tired and annoyed of the clunky plastic dog bone that’s constantly in your way?
Wildebeest’s solution is the Funston Baggie – a soft compact poo-bag dispenser that attaches to your leash securely without dangling.
  • Wrap around leash handle using velcro closure – holds Baggie down while pulling out poo-bags
  • Sleek rubbery opening dispenses poo-bags easily and securely
  • Compatible with any poo-bag roll or loose
  • New roll can be loaded while old roll is inside
  • 1 roll / 15 bags of Earth Rated poo-bags included
  • Machine washable
Made in California