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Small Hemp Tablecloth

$180.00 $250.00

Square sized tablecloth (180cm x 180cm).

Made from organic hemp that is grown in the north of France.

Made by Couleur Chanvre.

The hemp used is organic, eco-friendly, and socially responsible. The dyeing process does not use heavy metals, surfactants, formaldehyde resin, products from the oil industry, or chemical treatment.

Hemp is a highly sustainable plant that grows quickly, does not require insecticides, pesticides or irrigation, absorbs high levels of CO2 and benefits soil health.

Hemp is anti-static and does not attract dirt. Due to its oxygen content, bacteria cannot breed and the absence of proteins gives it natural and effective protection against mites.

Hemp is extremely durable and will remain in excellent condition for a lifetime if cared for properly.

  • Easy maintenance: hot wash (60°)
  • Tumble dryer recommended
  • Ironing optional
  • Does not shrink